About Starco Lighting

Company Overview

Based out of Buffalo, New York, STARCO LIGHTING is a market-leading innovator of Linear LED retro-fit solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Starco is constantly advancing the market frontier by continuingly evaluating best-in-class technology advancements and engaging its customers to determine its next-generation of optimized LED lighting solutions. Starco’s new Linear LED retro-fit platform supports simple and seamless installation into facility infrastructures and enables future-proofing, application-proofing and controls integration.

LED Lighting has improved the world by replacing the old traditional light with its high quality and long life cycle. But for Starco, this is just the beginning. As LED technology involves, it is more crucial to deliver right light than better light. And we believe this is your right.

Starco Lighting is committed to sustainable business practices. We strive to ensure every production process and material used for our products will be the best for our environment and our employees.

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